What makes a TV or radio commercial stand out from all the others? Certainly the voiceover plays a role. What should you look for when choosing a voice talent?

A professional voiceover artist will be able to recognize the emotion appropriate for your ad. The voice talent can  understand the feeling you desire. Some commercials  target a specific demographic, so you’ll need to choose a voice talent with a “sound” that will to relate to your target audience.

Whether your production has music with a voice-over, or features a “dry” read – voiceover without music – the voiceover talent will use his or her voice to convey your message in a trustworthy manner.

Is there any commercial that you haver never forgotten? Can you hear that voice when you think of the product? Theatrical movie trailers for example. You may not know the name of the voice talent, but you can’t forget the trailer voice.

An important point is the long-term value of a “voice identity” for your business. The lasting impression of an commercial film can be achieved in part by the vocieover. The voiceover on your commercial can become the image voice or your brand identity voice. If you have a series of  TV or radio commercials, consider using the same voiceover artist for each project.

These are the kinds of commercials, audio productions and narrations you hope to achieve. Memorable and effective, accomplished in part because of the voice you select.

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