Originally published at LetsJapan, April 13, 2009

Ladies who might inadvertently urinate during sports activities or other strenuous activities can now feel protected with the new Natura pee pad. Natura is worn like a sanitary pad and absorbs urine like a mini-diaper.

There are plenty of urine-catching pads, plastic panties, panty inner-sheets and liners for menopausal conditions, elderly ladies, women post-childbirth, and others who suffer from temporary or long-term incontinence. But Natura is specifically targeting accidental urination caused by sports and activities.

Natura is aimed at new moms and women who suffer from conditions necessitating a “more/mole pad” (leak out pad). Natura also seems to target ladies who might be caused to pee by: the sudden movement of a train; being groped by a tennis instructor; stress after experiencing her grocery bag ripping and spilling dozens of potatos; or by standing up from a seated position. Natura pads are available in various sizes up to the 26cm version, which will absorb 60cc of pee.

Kao makes Freeday, a similar product which is advertised for use by women suffering from menopausal conditions or who have recently given birth. Freeday also can be used to prevent urination triggered by sports activities or lifting heavy loads. The Freeday advertising material says women do not have to worry about light urination caused by coughing, frequent sneezing due to hay fever, or laughing to one’s heart’s content. The information goes on to explain the physical reasons that women are more likely than men to have this activity-induced piddle problem.

Customer comments on the Freeday website include how Freeday was useful when dancing, playing volleyball, jumping on a trampoline, hiking, skipping rope, at the batting center, swimming, tennis, badminton, aerobics, dodgeball, and landing from a very long slide at the playground.

Together with Lady Guard, the piss prevention pill, ladies in Japan will be totally relieved of the need to pee while participating in sports and leisure activities, during long trips, working long hours without a break, sleeping, chatting at the cafe, and peeling daikon.

Lets Japan is not aware of any products in Japan for ladies who suffer from Sudden Movement Excrement Leakage Syndrome.

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