Professional voiceover artists who can talk like real people, for radio ads, voice-over-foreign-language, man-on-the-street realism and other conversational, informal dialogue.

The addition of voices for testimonials is a new service offered by Mark Weitzman at

Since 1993, Mark Weitzman has been based in Tokyo and has performed English-language narration in Japan for TV and radio commercials, company promotion videos and many other types of voiceover, for use in Japan and in countries worldwide.

The new testimonial voiceovers worldwide service eliminates the tedious search for English-speaking voiceover professionals who can capture the sound of real people.

“Typically, the search for voiceover talents for product testimonials is time consuming and each voiceover artist must be contacted individually,” Weitzman said.

“The testimonial voices service provides a set of male and female voices of all ages. Voices for product testimonials are available individually, or as a group. It’s easy and convenient for clients. They select the voices and send their script to only one company. Clients don’t have to manage payments to three or four voiceover talents.”

“The Professional voiceover talents featured for testimonial voiceovers are also available for voice acting, multi-role commercials and other scripts,” Weitzman said.

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