Freelance Japanese professional voice talents based in Tokyo available for worldwide narration productions
Japanese voice talents in Japan who can record voiceovers in their own facility in Japan are now available for global voice-over via Mark Weitzman at

American voice talent adds native Japanese voiceover and narrator casting direct from Japan.

Since 1993, Mark Weitzman, has been based in Tokyo and has performed English-language narration in Japan for TV and radio commercials, company promotion videos and many other types of voiceover, for use in Japan and worldwide.

The addition of native Japanese-language narrators is a new service offered by Weitzman at

“The Japanese voice actors I represent here in Japan may be the only Japanese voiceover professionals in Japan that can record voiceovers in their own facility and send audio files via the internet,” Weitzman said.

“Typically voice-over projects performed in Japan require the Japanese voice talent to go to a full-service recording studio and record the narration. As a result, Japanese voice talents in Japan do not need to have a home recording studio.”

“I have recruited the few native-Japanese-language male and female professional narrators in Japan who do have their own on-site recording capability. Working with narrators who have immediate access to a recording studio, their own home voice booth, allows to offer affordable Japanese voiceover recorded by native speakers in Japan,” Weitzman said. now offers Standard Japanese dialect Japanese voice talents who are native speakers of Japanese for corporate and industrial videos and presentations, characters, dubbing, and game productions.

Proofreading and narration of Japanese scripts by professional native speakers of Japanese is also available.

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