Originally published at The Spoof, November 8, 2009

Appdict – Addicted to using iPhone apps in inappropriate situations.

Badge Doubt – The feeling that any badge or security ID shown to you is fake.

Fib Blab – Private nickname conservative talk-radio hosts give to their own programs.

Flu Reject – Person who does not qualify for any of the official categories of people who are advised to get an H1N1 flu vaccination.

Newslech – Male who watches TV news only because of the low-cut outfits worn by the female news anchors (related: Vertical Eyes Syndrome.)

OCCPOS – Obsessive Compulsive Cell Phone Off Syndrome.┬áManifests in movie theaters, public transit. Compulsion to check cell phone ring mute setting.

Seven Second Scan – Looking all over the page for the “advertorial” disclaimer before reading the first few lines of any article.

Talksibitionist – Talk-radio hosts who purposely make statements that they know are untrue (related: Fib Blab.)

twitshaking – Affliction caused by experiencing writer’s block and compulsion to twitter.

Vertical Eyes Syndrome – The action by males of shifting between views of the face and bust of female news anchors who are wearing low-cut outfits (related: Newslech.)

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