Originally published at The Spoof, August 23, 2010

Major electronics manufacturers in Japan are receiving reports that the glasses that are used to view programming on 3D televisions also allow viewers to see through the clothing of people appearing on the TV broadcast.

The reports indicate that 3D glasses are affected by the colorful and garish sets of Japanese TV programming.

An electronics expert who wished to remain unidentified disassembled a pair of the glasses and analyzed the lenses and electronics.

The expert confirmed the bright colors of the backgrounds on Japanese TV shows cause the electronics of the 3D spectacles to malfunction.

“The 3D effect is present much strongly than the specifications should allow,” he said.

“It seems the bright greens and reds combined with the hundreds of other colors and the dozens of moving objects in the background of TV news and variety programs cause the 3D glasses to bend the optics. The wearer will experience a type of x-ray vision. It is exciting breakthrough,” the electronics expert said. The expert also confirmed that all the brands of 3D glasses have similar electronics and all will be affected by the see-through glitch. The glasses will provide x-ray vision only on 3D TV’s.

The expert accompanied this reporter to the 3D TV section at an electronics discount store in the Akihabara section of Tokyo Monday. Wearing the 3D glasses, I was able to see through the fabric of the attire worn by people on the TV shows. The people did appear to be nude. Because it is 3D x-ray vision, the various bulges of the naked human body really jump out and grab you. Only humans are rendered naked. Monkeys, ferrets and other animals commonly present on Japanese TV shows appeared normally when viewed in the 3D glasses. The x-ray effect was visible on all the brands of 3D televisions.

The reports of 3D x-ray glasses has created a run on 3D TV’s in Japan.

At the electronics discount store we visited, a line of customers – mostly male – stretched around the block. One man in line said he had been waiting for lower prices of 3D TV’s but has changed his mind. “I will pay the high price,” he said, adding “I hope they don’t increase the prices because of the phenomena.”

Japanese men have been quick to circulate by email lists of the gaudiest programs that feature the most attractive female newscasters and female hosts.

When a well-known female news anchor was told about the 3D x-ray glasses, she did not appear to be concerned. “We already have naked news programs on cable,” she said. “Perhaps if the men see me nude we will have good ratings, ” she added.

Spokespersons from the major electronics companies did not respond to our inquiries.

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